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30th May 2005

brendanwishes3:05pm: I get flack from my gamer friends for having allegiance to Vampire: The Masquerade when they all want to play Requiem. It's nice to see that the Pyramid is thriving in adversity.

On a side note, I had an ulterior motive in joining. Would I have gained the respect of my Pyramid peers if I had no such motive? I live in Chicago, but I am the play manager for Grand Guignol Games. We run a live action event every year at Gen Con, and last year we ran the extremely-successful Wraith LARP. One of my fellow founders of Grand Guignol came up with that one, and we were all very excited (especially when it went well).

This year, however, it's my turn. I am finally running my dream LARP; the all-Tremere LARP. Set in Vienna of the modern nights, I'm posting here in a shameless attempt to run some publicity. I see my friends wanting to move on and play Requiem, but while I see the magic I just don't see the Tremere. The name of the game is "The Power of the Pyramid", and I hope that even if you won't be at this year's Gen Con Indy, you will at least take the time to check it out.

That, and I can't wait to hear how the clan is doing aruond the world. :)

24th March 2005

nef_7122:31pm: Looking for players!

please inquire at:


10th February 2005

werekat11:43pm: Greetings, everyone.
Hello, all.

I generally let my LJ entries speak for themselves, but I realized in the nick of time that my own are currently in Russian. I'm Werekat: a roleplayer hailing from Kiev, Ukraine. As you will likely have guessed, since I'm here, I'm a player of Masquerade and one of my favorite Clans to play is Clan Tremere. I'm enthralled - metaphorically speaking - by the sheer stubborness, survivability and beauty of the Clan. The magician part helps, as well - I'm a humanitarian-in-training, and I love looking at the historical and symbolical allusions, and the Tremere are full of such references.

Which brings me to the part that brought me here. I'm currently writing a story about two of my favorite ST's NPC's, their unlives and constant scholarly and magical standoff versus each other. One of them, notably, is a Tremere (The other, for the current record, a Kiasyd). The story's supposed to span several centuries... By now, you must surely realize what sort of bind I'd gotten myself into, trying to re-create the life and scholarly discussions of two Kindred born and Embraced in the sixteenth century until now! So I'd like to ask for your help: if anyone has any official information of what went on in the Clan during the 16th-17th century - especially in the Paris chantry - it would be much appreciated if you could share it. If anyone invented anything that went on, I'd love to hear that, as well. Also, if anyone knows whether the historical figure Michel de Lyon had a place in the old WoD, I would appreciate if that were shared, as well.

Also, the story has several of my inventions, and I'd be curious to know how other Tremere players would react to them. I don't have the story translated into English as of yet, but I will: in the meantime, though I would be fascinated to know your opinions.

For instance, one of these: what is the best way to prevent breaking-and-entering? Having no openings which to enter by. The Paris chantry, in my variation of it, has no doors in most of its chamber's walls. The walls have been enchanted to allow those of the Tremere blood to step through, or those whom the Tremere leads through, yet no others can pass.
Pluses: nearly impossible to enter without using significant, very significant force and making a lot of noise.
Minuses: must be visible on any sensitive creature's radar like a huge red blot - unless the Chantry has some sort of thaumaturgical invisibility spell covering it.

Thank you in advance,

11th May 2004

nephandijukebox3:42am: Whee
Got to love it when your Chantry starts gearing up for war because one particular lineage starts gunning for your Clan. Of course, that lineage is now blood hunted across California, but what can Tremere do against Elder, Diablerist Brujah.?
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7th March 2004

palanthos8:07pm: Another noob!
Hi, I just stumbled across your community. Hope you don't mind another avid Tremere player joining up.

I'm involved in a small live-action game in Cincinnati. The game just began about a month ago, and we're still ramping up with getting enough players in for the game to count as something more than a very animated tabletop game :) That being said, I've got a dilemma. I hope my fellow kindred will be kind enough to share their methods of quickly accumulating power.

No one in the game was allowed to start with any influence. So, the game is a veritable cornucopia of potential power. The only problem is, in past games, I've used existing influence as my primary method of getting new influence. Anyone have any ideas?
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29th February 2004

nef_7127:55pm: New RP board
Just FYI...

I have started a brand new Role Playing board. I am in need of all types of characters for the following:

Brujah (2)
Malkavian (1)
Nosferatu (2)
Toreador (2)
Ventrue (2)
Gangrel (2)
Tremere (1)
Caitiff (2)

Please submit c/s in word.doc format to:

t_corb_esq@hotmail.com -or- sonoffire@sympatico.ca

Independents & Sabbat (Antitribu included) only through special permission. Neonate characters only for now, with the high possibility of increase later.

No God-like characters or power-players. This is not Blade or Underworld - think 99% by the book w/a few minor house rules.

To view the board, go to:


Sincere thanks.
Son Of Fire
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27th February 2004

nullslashvoid3:31am: Starting a Tremere.
Hey there.

Rather a newbie here, but I've always been fascinated with the Tremere.

A friend of mine is ST'ing a Dark Ages game. The problem during character creation is that I'm really not sure what would be the best way to spend the 4 dots in Disciplines

What should be my Primary path of Thaumaturgy?
And how much should I spend in Auspex and Dominate?

Also, what are other traits that are important to playing a Tremere?
I'd assume Willpower, Intelligence, and Occult are a given.
How important is the Generation background?
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7th January 2004

belenus1:17pm: Tremere 101 - Interpreting the Code - Scrying
"I will not use magic to scry upon members of the House and Clan Tremere, nor shall I use it to peer into their affairs. It is expressly forbidden." ~ Code of Tremere

What does this mean to the Average player?Read more...Collapse )
belenus12:24am: Tremere 101 - Interpreting the Code
"I will not, when dealing with devils, or others, in any way bring danger to the clan, nor will I disturb the faeries in any way that should cause them to take their vengeance on the House and Clan. " ~ Code of Tremere

What does this mean to the average player?Read more...Collapse )

5th January 2004

kittensandsteam3:53pm: http://www.dragoncontinuum.com/nc/humor/trek.html

Tremere Trek, 's hilarious :D
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24th November 2003

kittensandsteam5:36pm: Question
Hey what you guys think about posting DT's on this medium?
Purely OOC of course, but I think all players present here are more then mature enough to keep OOC and IC separated :-)
I just think it would be a fun thing to do, what do you guys think?
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17th November 2003

belenus6:11pm: hi yo.
It's Jamie, how's eveyrone doing? :-)

2nd October 2003

nef_71210:41am: Yep!
Well, I finally figured out how to post in a bloody community! (Gods, I can be pathetic at times)

I play on a W.W approved site called the Inner Sanctum and we are looking for players. You would have to submit your sheet to the appropriate thread and wait for Trustee approval. We need Tremere desperately! I'm the only one on there. (some Primogen w/out a group to dwell in the Chantry...bahhh!)

If interested, you can check it out here:

Inner Sanctum

Please disregard the Site Owner's choice of music.

Thanks for reading.
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19th August 2003

nephandijukebox12:03pm: Intro, of sorts
Hi, I'm Steph, I've been kinda lurking here, but I figured I had better introduce myself. I play Sarah Morgan, A3 out of San Francisco, and Primogen in this city. What's with the Pyramid making use low ranking ones Primogen anyways *snickers and bounces*
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27th June 2003

silja11:09am: I have just become Tremere Projects Lead- Ireland. As if I haven't got enoiugh to do! Heh. Looking forward to it though.

Oh, wish me luck, things aren't going so hot for my Tremmie right now, there is a chance she might die at court on Monday (court is being held outside elysium!!!), though I have taken steps that hopefully she will not.
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23rd June 2003

tarli9:25am: How to be a sneaky bastard?
Ok I was wondering what types of tricks and evil sneaky things that Tremere can pull in a LARP. How to best use influence to set someone up for the big fall? Anyone have any good Stories or ideas of a fool proof plan for Tremere Dominance?
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6th June 2003

bohotremere12:53pm: Well, I did it...
Caradoc finally unleashed the Levinbolt...to take out what was possibly the dumbest Anarch Tremere I've ever seen. Sorry, folks, but if you're gonna infiltrate to try and take out the Regent/Primogen...at *least* go ahead and perform the Rite of Introduction so you don't set off the "that ain't right" alarms of every other Tremere in the place...sheesh. But in brief, we had an anarch attack, and to defend his Regent and a visiting Regent, Caradoc got to get electrical on people's buttocks. Fun fun fun...and having actually used it, I still say that Path is quite possibly one of the most Gouda-filled paths that White Wolf has ever come up with. :)

Other than that...getting to finally use that which I apped for and worked hard to get was Incredibly Fierce. I had such a blast!

Downside is, now I've gotta go talk to a couple of Tremere in Atlanta that wanna know how I can do what I can do...(and probably also want to learn to do it, too). But I can cope with that.

::Tremere Happy Dance::
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11th May 2003

pockettheroach12:26am: BAH!
Anyone read the flaming pile of crap that is Prime 6.0? It's now Mid Approval to learn any path other than Blood, Movement, or Lure...aaaagh...

5th May 2003

silja9:11am: IC Approval levels for Thaumaturgy
bohotremere asks in a comment about IC approval levels for Thaumaturgy Paths. Well, I don't know what path exactly you know, but I would suggest if you wanna live you do not teach anything without approval from your regent, and the regent of the person who wants to learn. If it is a strange or unusual path, then your Lord or even Pontifex's approval may be needed.

Here in the Northern Europe realm of Clan Tremere, we have an exhaustive list of which path needs which approval both IC and OOC, which can be found on this website. It may be different over the pond, but it should give you a good idea. If in doubt, shove the problem further up the chain and ask your regent for clarification... :*)
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4th May 2003

silja4:18pm: Tips needed
So, I convinced two of my friends to play Tremere in the local Cam larp. They are avid wargamers but new to role-playing. I explained the basics to them, lent them my MET book, they bought the Tremere Clan Book, Blood Thaumaturgy and the main VtM book. They met the ST. I have explianed some of the background to them about what they are walking into here (bit of a volatile IC situaition right now.). I emailed them the Dossier as I think filling that out before they actuall start playing at the end of this month will help them think about their characters. Any suggestions what else I should tell them, and what it is best to let them discover themselves?

pockettheroach, how is your Tremmie Kathleen doing? Did she live?
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6th April 2003

pockettheroach6:48pm: Yay!
Well, if Kathleen doesn't make it out alive, or just for whatever reason doesn't make it out (we may find out definitively Friday), it looks like I'll be playing a Tremere in the Youngstown, Ohio game. We went on Friday, after they came down to our game last week, and their high-ranking apprentice's player talked to me about playing his childe. I wouldn't be able to play her in my home chapter for a good while, but that's fine, because if I come in as a new embracee I won't be leaving the chantry for awhile anyways. The plan is to eventually send her down there, as the only other Tremere in town has proved himself well in a short amount of time ("What? You saw him pull blood through the air out of someone's body and into his own? Oh no. Oh no. He must have been infernal!") and is building a safehouse/chantry-to-be, plus he's well connected with my impending sire.

2nd April 2003

sea_cucumber10:14am: hello!
What a good idea this is! :)
I am also a Tremere player, I play Catherine of Wimborne from the UK, the velvety one who very occasionally turns up at ICC and regionals in the US... I would go into more detail with ranks and things but you never know who may be watching *grin*
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1st April 2003

pockettheroach2:07pm: Another entry from the "holy crap I'm in trouble" department...
This is excerpted fom my lj earlier this week...and represents well the trepidation I'm currently in...

Well, for those of you who are interested and want to read of the great Camarilla USA West Virginia/East Coast Region Tremere Coup, now involving multiple regents and Lord Nigo...and pretty much all because of me (and Fish), and how unwittingly playing an NPC can affect your PC...

Thursday night, I headed to the other chapter's chantry game to inform them about my new rank and that they needed to report to me. Roland, Noah's Tremere, was scheduled to meet with me when I returned.

Now, this was not a normal chantry game. This was an OPEN HOUSE AT THE CHANTRY FOR ALL KINDRED. Tremere players reading this are right now wincing in pain. Apparently there were "rumors" about "a crapload of Tremere in WV" and they wanted to "calm fears". Thus undoing several hundreds of years worth of work by the Tremere trying to INSPIRE fear.

So I went in to discuss with Friar Lawrence, the ranking apprentice (fourth circle, Kathleen is sixth, so therefore I was ALREADY his superior). I gave him a copy of the letter from Regent Canon in Pittsburgh, which he read with much surprise, and we had some more discussion about stuff going on at their chantry. He was telling numerous other Kindred about the infamous cow incident, which I asked him to stop doing as it made us all look stupid. Then he told me how the Prince had broken into their chantry, and agreed to keep their secrets in exchange for--I suggest you sit down right now for this one--LETTING THEM HAVE DOMAIN OVER THEIR OWN CHANTRY. The really sad part was, when I suggested "erasing" those memories, the look on his face plainly told me they'd never thought of it.

So, after a few round of me very politely humiliating him, he ordered a couple A2's to come in and stake me.

I have to say, knocking on Noah's door at ten rather than the expected midnight was pretty entertaining. I've never had anyone answer the door with "Are you dead?" before.

Their plans, which I had determined were true through Auspex, were to take me to Regent Canon in Pittsburgh and demand to know that I was not making this up (rather, I suppose, than just USING AUSPEX ON ME THEMSELVES. I HATE unbalanced Tremere). I was fine with this, knowing that Canon would give them the smackdown. Noah sent an IC email as Roland to Canon, letting him know I'd gone to the chantry and hadn't returned.

Oh, but just wait. Things have not yet begun to get interesting.

Friday night. Our chapter's Cam game. Visitors from Canton, Youngstown, and Pittsburgh (including Fish, who I finally got to meet in person after quite a number of phone calls). Me playing one of Ronda's ghouls as an NPC for prestige (I had hit my max XP for the month anyways, and I told people even OOC that that was why I wasn't playing Kathleen, that is, until things blew up). And who else should show but Mike and Carly, playing Friar Lawrence and Fatima.

Quick background check on Fatima: Toreador formerly known as Veronique, formerly known as Prince of Morgantown, and never at all ICly known as Arsonist of the old Elysium. Character's been around for what, three years now? She's nasty.

So. Game starts. I playing the Keeper's ghoul was assigned to monitor Elysium while Rowan (Ronda's character) was busy accomodating the other Ventrue who had come in (including the childe of Prince Calisto DeMar of Greensburgh, not someone to be trifled with). So I hung about, listening in on conversations, including one led by Friar Lawrence and accompanied by Fatima that involved very carefully slamming on the Keeper and slamming on ghouls in general (referring to them as Masquerade breaches). I reported this to Rowan, who apparently reported in in turn to DeMar (Fish's character. I love Fish). DeMar was appalled at this, and went and had some conversations with the Friar and Fatima. I do recall ICly seeing DeMar hand Prince Boggs a cassette tape...and the contents of that tape, or whatever DeMar decided Boggs should think the contents of the tape were, may never be known. It is only known that Boggs declared both the Friar and Fatima to be blood-hunted, and both were swiftly dispatched.

At which point I say to myself OOC, "Holy crap."

However! The Regent of Youngstown was present and was also displeased with the Friar. Having heard some of their problems from Canon (and also knowing that that chantry itself was close to getting Canon demoted or even killed), the Regent decided something needed to be done. This is why, sometime in the next couple of weeks, we are getting some of the nastiest Tremere in Cam (Ethan, the player of the regent of Youngstown, was throwing around names like "Nightshade", "DeWinter", "Yorke", and "Lord Nigo", all of which are very well known in the EC region...) to come down and raid and raze that chantry. Friar Lawrence even told Roland last night that Kathleen was there studying with them, so they know that's where she is. However, Roland knows Kathleen wouldn't have missed the meeting with him, *especially* not to stay in *that* chantry.
silja4:28pm: Well, some interesting things happened to my Tremere at the larp last night... for more details see my LJ. Still alive though, for now anyway, though I do have an appointment with the Lord Inquisitor.... *shudders even though innocent- these appointments are never fun*.

Anyways, if anyone wants to email me IC, the name is Sarah Goldberg, Regent 1st circle, email:
larp_sarah @ yahoo.com (without the spaces).
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