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Well, I did it...

Caradoc finally unleashed the take out what was possibly the dumbest Anarch Tremere I've ever seen. Sorry, folks, but if you're gonna infiltrate to try and take out the Regent/ *least* go ahead and perform the Rite of Introduction so you don't set off the "that ain't right" alarms of every other Tremere in the place...sheesh. But in brief, we had an anarch attack, and to defend his Regent and a visiting Regent, Caradoc got to get electrical on people's buttocks. Fun fun fun...and having actually used it, I still say that Path is quite possibly one of the most Gouda-filled paths that White Wolf has ever come up with. :)

Other than that...getting to finally use that which I apped for and worked hard to get was Incredibly Fierce. I had such a blast!

Downside is, now I've gotta go talk to a couple of Tremere in Atlanta that wanna know how I can do what I can do...(and probably also want to learn to do it, too). But I can cope with that.

::Tremere Happy Dance::
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