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Got to love it when your Chantry starts gearing up for war because one particular lineage starts gunning for your Clan. Of course, that lineage is now blood hunted across California, but what can Tremere do against Elder, Diablerist Brujah.?
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you get Drakimor and Hiro.
And let them deal with it :D
Well, we've got Hiro, Drakimor seems to have crawled under a rock. Maybe they'll let us borrow Contego?
Well if I still played Niuanna as PC (she's NPC now) I would have send her in as well.
Or at least found Drak for you.
Contego rules, he's fab!
You really need the trio of Hiro, Drak and Contego.


May 28 2004, 04:48:34 UTC 13 years ago

Trick them. Generally they tend to be fairly stupid....
Or if they think they are clever then use their allies
against them, so that they react to information 'dropped'
to their ally (in a overheard manner) and they walk into
a trap.....

Or use their enemies against them, by stiring up problems...

Always ways to set people up.....