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Greetings, everyone.

Hello, all.

I generally let my LJ entries speak for themselves, but I realized in the nick of time that my own are currently in Russian. I'm Werekat: a roleplayer hailing from Kiev, Ukraine. As you will likely have guessed, since I'm here, I'm a player of Masquerade and one of my favorite Clans to play is Clan Tremere. I'm enthralled - metaphorically speaking - by the sheer stubborness, survivability and beauty of the Clan. The magician part helps, as well - I'm a humanitarian-in-training, and I love looking at the historical and symbolical allusions, and the Tremere are full of such references.

Which brings me to the part that brought me here. I'm currently writing a story about two of my favorite ST's NPC's, their unlives and constant scholarly and magical standoff versus each other. One of them, notably, is a Tremere (The other, for the current record, a Kiasyd). The story's supposed to span several centuries... By now, you must surely realize what sort of bind I'd gotten myself into, trying to re-create the life and scholarly discussions of two Kindred born and Embraced in the sixteenth century until now! So I'd like to ask for your help: if anyone has any official information of what went on in the Clan during the 16th-17th century - especially in the Paris chantry - it would be much appreciated if you could share it. If anyone invented anything that went on, I'd love to hear that, as well. Also, if anyone knows whether the historical figure Michel de Lyon had a place in the old WoD, I would appreciate if that were shared, as well.

Also, the story has several of my inventions, and I'd be curious to know how other Tremere players would react to them. I don't have the story translated into English as of yet, but I will: in the meantime, though I would be fascinated to know your opinions.

For instance, one of these: what is the best way to prevent breaking-and-entering? Having no openings which to enter by. The Paris chantry, in my variation of it, has no doors in most of its chamber's walls. The walls have been enchanted to allow those of the Tremere blood to step through, or those whom the Tremere leads through, yet no others can pass.
Pluses: nearly impossible to enter without using significant, very significant force and making a lot of noise.
Minuses: must be visible on any sensitive creature's radar like a huge red blot - unless the Chantry has some sort of thaumaturgical invisibility spell covering it.

Thank you in advance,
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