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Another entry from the "holy crap I'm in trouble" department...

This is excerpted fom my lj earlier this week...and represents well the trepidation I'm currently in...

Well, for those of you who are interested and want to read of the great Camarilla USA West Virginia/East Coast Region Tremere Coup, now involving multiple regents and Lord Nigo...and pretty much all because of me (and Fish), and how unwittingly playing an NPC can affect your PC...

Thursday night, I headed to the other chapter's chantry game to inform them about my new rank and that they needed to report to me. Roland, Noah's Tremere, was scheduled to meet with me when I returned.

Now, this was not a normal chantry game. This was an OPEN HOUSE AT THE CHANTRY FOR ALL KINDRED. Tremere players reading this are right now wincing in pain. Apparently there were "rumors" about "a crapload of Tremere in WV" and they wanted to "calm fears". Thus undoing several hundreds of years worth of work by the Tremere trying to INSPIRE fear.

So I went in to discuss with Friar Lawrence, the ranking apprentice (fourth circle, Kathleen is sixth, so therefore I was ALREADY his superior). I gave him a copy of the letter from Regent Canon in Pittsburgh, which he read with much surprise, and we had some more discussion about stuff going on at their chantry. He was telling numerous other Kindred about the infamous cow incident, which I asked him to stop doing as it made us all look stupid. Then he told me how the Prince had broken into their chantry, and agreed to keep their secrets in exchange for--I suggest you sit down right now for this one--LETTING THEM HAVE DOMAIN OVER THEIR OWN CHANTRY. The really sad part was, when I suggested "erasing" those memories, the look on his face plainly told me they'd never thought of it.

So, after a few round of me very politely humiliating him, he ordered a couple A2's to come in and stake me.

I have to say, knocking on Noah's door at ten rather than the expected midnight was pretty entertaining. I've never had anyone answer the door with "Are you dead?" before.

Their plans, which I had determined were true through Auspex, were to take me to Regent Canon in Pittsburgh and demand to know that I was not making this up (rather, I suppose, than just USING AUSPEX ON ME THEMSELVES. I HATE unbalanced Tremere). I was fine with this, knowing that Canon would give them the smackdown. Noah sent an IC email as Roland to Canon, letting him know I'd gone to the chantry and hadn't returned.

Oh, but just wait. Things have not yet begun to get interesting.

Friday night. Our chapter's Cam game. Visitors from Canton, Youngstown, and Pittsburgh (including Fish, who I finally got to meet in person after quite a number of phone calls). Me playing one of Ronda's ghouls as an NPC for prestige (I had hit my max XP for the month anyways, and I told people even OOC that that was why I wasn't playing Kathleen, that is, until things blew up). And who else should show but Mike and Carly, playing Friar Lawrence and Fatima.

Quick background check on Fatima: Toreador formerly known as Veronique, formerly known as Prince of Morgantown, and never at all ICly known as Arsonist of the old Elysium. Character's been around for what, three years now? She's nasty.

So. Game starts. I playing the Keeper's ghoul was assigned to monitor Elysium while Rowan (Ronda's character) was busy accomodating the other Ventrue who had come in (including the childe of Prince Calisto DeMar of Greensburgh, not someone to be trifled with). So I hung about, listening in on conversations, including one led by Friar Lawrence and accompanied by Fatima that involved very carefully slamming on the Keeper and slamming on ghouls in general (referring to them as Masquerade breaches). I reported this to Rowan, who apparently reported in in turn to DeMar (Fish's character. I love Fish). DeMar was appalled at this, and went and had some conversations with the Friar and Fatima. I do recall ICly seeing DeMar hand Prince Boggs a cassette tape...and the contents of that tape, or whatever DeMar decided Boggs should think the contents of the tape were, may never be known. It is only known that Boggs declared both the Friar and Fatima to be blood-hunted, and both were swiftly dispatched.

At which point I say to myself OOC, "Holy crap."

However! The Regent of Youngstown was present and was also displeased with the Friar. Having heard some of their problems from Canon (and also knowing that that chantry itself was close to getting Canon demoted or even killed), the Regent decided something needed to be done. This is why, sometime in the next couple of weeks, we are getting some of the nastiest Tremere in Cam (Ethan, the player of the regent of Youngstown, was throwing around names like "Nightshade", "DeWinter", "Yorke", and "Lord Nigo", all of which are very well known in the EC region...) to come down and raid and raze that chantry. Friar Lawrence even told Roland last night that Kathleen was there studying with them, so they know that's where she is. However, Roland knows Kathleen wouldn't have missed the meeting with him, *especially* not to stay in *that* chantry.
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