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New RP board

Just FYI...

I have started a brand new Role Playing board. I am in need of all types of characters for the following:

Brujah (2)
Malkavian (1)
Nosferatu (2)
Toreador (2)
Ventrue (2)
Gangrel (2)
Tremere (1)
Caitiff (2)

Please submit c/s in word.doc format to: -or-

Independents & Sabbat (Antitribu included) only through special permission. Neonate characters only for now, with the high possibility of increase later.

No God-like characters or power-players. This is not Blade or Underworld - think 99% by the book w/a few minor house rules.

To view the board, go to:

Sincere thanks.
Son Of Fire
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